Can You Get Temporary Teeth While Waiting For A Denture?

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A temporary crown may restore the ability to chew or grind food into smaller bits while waiting for your permanent dental implant. Especially if the tooth being implanted is in the front of the mouth, placing a temporary crown is an essential stage in the treatment process as it can help you maintain a certain amount of function.

However, only some people know the purpose of a temporary crown or how to care for it properly. It might make it simpler for the peaks to come off, which could reduce the effectiveness of getting dentures near you in the future.

What is a Dental Implant?

An implant is a tiny titanium screw installed into your jawbone where a tooth is missing. Then, a crown is placed on top of the post. These restorations offer an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to wear dentures or have other tooth-supported bridges.

The dental implant procedure is often carried out in stages. The standard implant treatment plan includes the steps listed below as conventional procedures. Following the initial provider consultation appointment, the following stages often take place:

  1. Surgery: An oral surgeon or a general dentist in Pitt Meadows performs the implant surgery to place the implant post in the jawbone.
  2. Healing period: Immediately following implant placement, a 4–7 month healing phase is needed to give the implant time to connect with the bone and the gums time to recover.
  3. Temporary prosthetic: Depending on the course of treatment, the dentist near you may decide to cover the implant post with a healing cap to speed up the healing process.
  4. Placing the permanent structure: The dental crown is fastened onto the abutment. It is typically the final step in the treatment.

What are Temporary Teeth?

Temporary teeth are used to fill in the place of missing teeth. These restorations offer an excellent alternative for those who do not wish to wear dentures or have other tooth-supported bridges.

Options Available

Permanent Dentures

Some patients decide to wear temporary teeth while they wait for dental implants. These can be dentures in Pitt Meadows or bridges that fill up the spaces left by missing teeth. In these situations, the dentist will place the implant and attach the replacement teeth on the same day. While you wait for your permanent implants, getting a temporary denture is an easy process that can give you the confidence you need.

The mouth should be cleaned by brushing twice daily after dental implant surgery. Avoid smoking, which can delay healing and raise the possibility of infection. Additionally, avoid foods that are chewy, spicy, or firm.


Using a removable retainer with a temporary tooth is one typical technique for patients waiting for dental implants. This retainer fits over the teeth you already have and fills in the space created by a missing tooth.

Temporary Crown

When a patient wants urgent protection and relief for a tooth but won’t need to keep it long, temporary dental crowns are frequently employed. Temporary dental crowns often contain plastic or porcelain and encase the tooth’s surface entirely. Cementum attaches the temporary dental crown to the natural teeth, strengthening their relationship and enabling chewing and speaking.

What are the Benefits?

Having temporary teeth has several advantages, especially if you’re waiting for an implant. While you wait for your new teeth, temporary teeth can help you look better and boost your confidence. They may also aid in preventing future harm to your jawbone and gums. Additionally, having a set of temporary teeth may make it simpler for you to speak and eat.

First, it’s possible that the temporary tooth won’t be the same shade as your permanent teeth, which can be an aesthetic issue. Second, discomfort or even agony may result from the temporary tooth not fitting as securely as a permanent tooth. Third, the temporary tooth could fall out, posing a choking risk. Finally, you can lose the implant if the temporary tooth falls out.

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Implants are a good solution if you are toothless. Before the process is over, you will have to wait a while. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent losing your teeth. Consult your dentist in Maple Ridge to determine what is right for you.