Invisalign in Pitt Meadows, BC

Invisalign Near You

Orthodontic treatment is a specialized type of dental care, a method that’s specifically devoted to straightening your smile and improving jaw function. Thanks to the modern advancements that have taken place within this sector, patients can adjust their teeth in a variety of ways. Options include receiving traditional or ceramic braces, or Invisalign near you.

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What is Invisalign Process?

Multiple steps are taken when you pursue Invisalign treatment for your orthodontist. They are described below for your convenience:

Step 1: The initial consultation. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist so they can determine if you’re an eligible candidate for this process. Your mouth will be examined, and multiple x-rays might also be taken to understand your oral health situation fully.

Step 2: Impressions are made. Once you’re given the go-ahead, impressions will need to be produced of your upper and lower teeth. This can be done the traditional way using putty, or they can be constructed digitally.

Step 3: The trays are produced. High-grade dental plastic is used to create them. It takes a few weeks for your customized aligner trays to be fabricated.

Step 4: Obtain your trays. When they’re ready to go, you’ll have to come back for a second appointment and receive your trays. On average, you will wear each pair of trays for 3-4 weeks before receiving a new set.
The trays exert pressure on your teeth; this pressure stimulates bone movement and regeneration, and when it’s continued over time, your teeth will shift into a new position much healthier than before.
If you have queries about obtaining Invisalign near you, don’t hesitate to speak with our orthodontist. They’re there to guide you through your journey and ensure that you’re comfortable at all times.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • It’s comfortable. The special plastic that’s utilized won’t irritate your gums or cause them to become swollen.
  • You don’t need to alter your diet. Unlike with traditional braces, you don’t need to limit yourself to consuming soft foods.
  • Your trays are removable.
  • Easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Since your trays can be taken out, it’s much easier to brush and floss as you normally would.
  • The process works!
  • Your confidence will be boosted! Once your treatment ends, you’ll be left with a smile you can be proud of.

At Marigold Dental, we provide Invisalign in Pitt Meadows. So, if you’re eager to get started with your journey and obtain the smile you’ve been wishing for, call, email, or drop by our dental practice today!