Oral Cancer Screenings in Pitt Meadows, BC

Oral Cancer Screenings Near You

An oral cancer screening assesses signs and symptoms that may be attributable to oral cancer. The examination is very quick and painless, but it can provide our dentist with an in-depth understanding of how they can best care for your smile and provide you with peace of mind as a patient.

Taking steps to preserve your teeth and gums is important; an issue in your mouth can impact your overall well-being. Our local dental office offers oral cancer screenings in Pitt Meadows. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

What Does The Process Include?

You don’t need to undergo a dental cancer screening every time you come in to see a dentist; with that said, a general rule of thumb is that patients 20 years or older should have an exam done approximately every three years; patients 40 or older should have it done once a year.

If you are dealing with specific symptoms that our dentist is concerned about, they may have you come in more frequently. It all depends on the situation.

Our oral cancer screening dentist will start by evaluating your teeth, gums, tongue, the roof and floor of your mouth, the lining of your cheeks, lips, and even your tonsils. They will also feel along your jaw and neck to check for abnormal lumps. X-rays may be taken as well. A special blue dye can also be given to you – if an entity is stained blue, that area is potentially cancerous.

All in all, visits dedicated to oral cancer screenings in Pitt Meadows should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes. Just like a regular dental checkup, this treatment is usually integrated into your routine dental cleaning.

Have concerns or questions at all? Be sure to call our general dentist; they’ll assist you with anything you need.

What Happens After the Screening?

Our dentist will share the results of your screening with you. If there are signs that you have oral cancer, you’ll be referred to a cancer specialist (a physician) for a more comprehensive examination. A biopsy is a common test, as it involves extracting some of the tissue in question and being analyzed for biological markers of the condition.

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At Marigold Dental, we provide reliable and efficient oral cancer screenings near you. The health of your smile is a significant factor that influences how you eat, speak, and your confidence. Our team is here to help you care for your smile however you need.
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