Dental X-rays in Pitt Meadows, BC

Dental X-rays Near You

X-rays are an important aspect of health care. They allow doctors, dentists, and other health professionals to understand the dynamics of your situation and identify issues that are not visible on the surface.

In terms of dentistry specifically, dental x-rays in Pitt Meadows are often performed during routine dental examinations. The process itself is extremely quick and painless. To learn more about this service, contact our local dental office.

Dental X-rays in Pitt Meadows

How Do X-rays Help Dentists?

Usually, our dentist will take x-rays of your mouth if you haven’t attended a dental appointment or are dealing with a serious condition like progressive gum disease.

Once the images are captured, they’re transferred to the computer, where your dental team can study them closely and identify anything that’s amiss or could potentially cause further harm to your teeth, gums, and bones. In doing so, they’ll be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your case.

X-rays provide dentists, dental specialists, and hygienists with the tools to correctly diagnose oral health problems such as, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Bone deterioration, specifically concerning your jaw.
  • Cysts or abscesses.
  • Tumors (oral cancer).
  • Decay.
  • Infected pulps.
  • Shifting teeth.

Dental x-rays are also a fantastic tool for fabricating and placing dental prosthetics. The images guide your dentist to where implants, dentures, and other devices need to be installed to be as effective as possible.

Have any questions or concerns about receiving dental x-rays near you? No problem. Speak with your general dentist today. They’ll be able to assist you.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Yes! Patients of all ages can have x-rays taken. Very little radiation is emitted during this process. Additional precautions are also taken – you’ll be given a lead apron to protect your chest and neck.

Looking to gather more information about this? Do you need to book an appointment to receive dental x-rays near you? If so, call, email, or come in and see us here at our local dental clinic. We look forward to your visit.