How Many Teeth Whitening Sessions Do I Need?

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teeth whitening procedure in Pitt Meadows

People who are unhappy with the colour of their teeth frequently seek out the cosmetic dental procedure of teeth whitening. There are a variety of reasons why someone would decide to whiten their teeth:

  • Discoloured teeth: Teeth that are stained can be caused by several things, including food, smoking, age, and certain drugs. These stains can be removed with teeth whitening near you, returning your teeth to their original brilliance.
  • Increasing self-confidence: A brighter grin can increase your self-esteem and confidence. You might feel more at ease and confident at work or in social situations if you have your teeth whitened.
  • Special events: Many people get their teeth whitened for occasions like weddings, reunions, or job applications. You might feel more confident and put your best foot forward by smiling more.
  • Enhancing appearance: Whitening teeth can improve your smile without requiring more dental operations.

What’s Professional Teeth Whitening?

The colour and brightness of your teeth can be improved with professional teeth whitening, a cosmetic dental procedure that can make them look whiter and brighter. Stains and discolouration brought on by ageing, diet, and other reasons can be eliminated using this safe and efficient method.

Professional teeth whitening comes in two primary forms: 

In-Office Whitening 

A dentist does in-office bleaching, which usually takes an hour. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth during the operation, and a laser or special light is used to activate it. This procedure can make teeth several shades whiter by removing stains and discolouration. Whether you need whiter teeth quickly or have a big event coming up, in-office whitening is the best choice.

Take-Home Kits 

Dental practitioners often offer take-home whitening products. These kits come with specially constructed trays that are created to exactly fit your teeth. A whitening gel will be provided to apply to the trays, which you will wear for a predetermined period every day, typically for a few weeks. Take-home kits work more gradually than in-office whitening but can still whiten teeth and remove stains just as well.

When done by a dental expert, professional teeth whitening is typically safe and effective. It is crucial to remember that some people may have gum or tooth discomfort during or after the surgery. Our dentist will review these hazards with you and advise on the best course of action based on your particular requirements and objectives.

What Should You Expect During the In-Office Teeth Whitening Process?

If you’ve decided to have in-office teeth whitening, here is what to expect:

  1. Consultation: Our dentist will inspect your teeth and gums before the operation to determine whether your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for whitening. To monitor the course of the treatment, they could also take pictures of your teeth.
  2. Preparation: Our dentist will clean your teeth to remove any plaque or other objects that might hinder the whitening procedure. They might also put a barrier or protective gel on your gums to stop sensitivity or irritability.
  3. Application of whitening gel: Our dentist will use a whitening gel on your teeth. The gel’s hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide decomposes into oxygen molecules that penetrate the dental enamel and remove stains. A laser or special light could be used to activate the gel.
  4. Reapplication: For 1-3 applications, the whitening gel may need to be reapplied every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the system being utilized. Our dentist will keep track of the whitening’s development and modify the course of action as necessary.
  5. Post-treatment care: Following the whitening procedure, our dentist will clean your teeth and scrape away any gel that may have remained. They could also treat your teeth with fluoride to make them stronger and less sensitive.

You might see a noticeable change in the colour of your teeth after the complete in-office teeth whitening procedure, which usually lasts around an hour. But, the precise outcomes will change based on the stain severity and your dentist’s methodology.

How Many Teeth Whitening Sessions Do I Need?

The extent of your stains and the degree of whitening you want will determine how many teeth-whitening sessions you require. Generally, one or two treatments, either in-office or with a take-home kit, are sufficient for most patients to get satisfactory outcomes.

Our dentist may use the whitening gel several times during an in-office whitening procedure, each for 15 to 30 minutes. There could be one to three applications involved, depending on the system. Our dentist will evaluate the results following the appointment and discuss whether more treatments are required.

While teeth whitening can eliminate surface stains, it may not successfully remove deeper discolouration from some medications or medical conditions. Additional aesthetic dental procedures like veneers or crowns could be required.

The number of teeth-whitening sessions you require will ultimately depend on your unique requirements and objectives. To find the most efficient and secure method of getting a whiter, brighter smile, we should speak with our dentist in Pitt Meadows.

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